"Do you all intend to be the minions of that undead creature?"
- The Forgemaster to the Regency Council.

Unnamed Forgemaster is one of the members of the Regency Council of the Dwarf Kingdom, until he fled the country along with the metal ingot that was entrusted to him by the Sorcerer King.

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The Forgemaster has a highly conservative attitude. He is untrustworthy of outsiders and has an immense sense of pride in his abilities. Unlike many of the councillors on the Regency Council, he saw runecraft as part of their dwarven heritage and would not give it up so easily.

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The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc Edit

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The Forgemaster is the only councilor that was adamant in rejecting the offer of assistance from the Sorcerer King. He utterly refused to accept Ainz's aid in exchange for the runesmiths, but he was outvoted by the Regency Council. Later, he was asked by Ainz to construct a set of armor for a gift he wished to present to one of his subjects. The Forgemaster was given an ingot of a peculiar metal that the armor was to be made out of. For additional reference for the metal, a dagger wrought of the same material was also given by Ainz.

However, after a day of failing to heat the ingot the Forgemaster gave up and disappeared with the ingot.

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As one of the members of the Regency Council holding the title of Forgemaster, he is renowned as a genius in the art of blacksmithing.

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Commander-in-Chief Edit

The Commander is his colleague on the Regency Council and also his junior. He was disgusted by the way the Commander acknowledged Ainz Ooal Gown as "His Majesty" and his insistence in asking aid from an undead in exchange for their own people. He saw his junior as a traitor to the dwarven people.

Ainz Ooal Gown Edit

The Forgemaster detested the Sorcerer King, seeing him as a tyrant that had come to enslave his people. His hatred of Ainz Ooal Gown increases when the dwarf was given the task by him to construct an armor with a metal he had never seen before. It tortures the dwarf in his own inability to even heat the ingot of metal. As a result, this only makes him feel humiliated and his sense of pride shaken since he was hailed a genius in black-smiting.

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  • Given that Ainz gave the Forgemaster a level-45 service metal to use, it can be assumed that the Forgemaster's abilities, who is regarded as the most skilled blacksmith in the Dwarf Kingdom is below a level 45 player.

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  • (To the Dwarf Commander): "You! You've been calling that monster His Majesty ever since you stepped into this room! Have you betrayed this country?!"
  • (To the Regency Council): "You seem to have forgotten something important. I oppose this. I will never let our people go and be his slaves!"

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