Five Worst (五大最悪) refers to the worst NPCs in the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


While being referred to as a group, there doesn't seem to be any special relationship between them. They are all just the most disgusting in their respective categories. Each member's own epithet describes their worst feature. Due to their disgusting behavior or appearance, some NPCs of Nazarick detest the Five Worst. While it is clear that their enemies will consider them to be evil abominations, not all of them are extremely evil, personality wise.


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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Two members of the Five Worst, Kyouhukou and Neuronist Painkill participated in dealing with the Worker groups that invaded Nazarick. The third member, Gashokukochuuou, was awarded two fresh bodies for living space.

The Pleiades Day Arc

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After E-Rantel’s annexation, the Five Worst journeyed to the 6th Floor for Gashokukochuuou's house-warming celebration.


Based on the known status of Neuronist or Kyouhukou, it seems that they are not all for battle, as it is clear that real "torture" would not be allowed in YGGDRASIL. The role of the Five Worst might have been nothing more than repulsing the enemy with their disgusting features, or just decoration.

Known Members

  • Neuronist Painkill - Worst Occupation
  • Kyouhukou - Worst Residence
  • Gashokukochuuou - Worst Appearance
  • Chacmool - Worst Personality
  •  ??? - Worst Ero
    • A tentacle type monster similar to the roper. Yet it is said that he (maybe she) has a gentle personality, so he is more popular than the Worst Personality.


  • In the Web Novel, the title "Five Worst" does not exist.
  • While it seems that each of the Five Worst have their own residence, it uncertain whether all of them are Area Guardians or not.


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