Eight-Edge Assassin (エイトエッジ・アサシン) is a ninja insect monster.


Eight-Edge Assassin is a magical being with a human-like body shape that wear a black spider ninja costume which have eight legs that are like keen blades.


Eighth-Edge Assassin is a magical being that is able to render itself invisible. In addition, it can suspend itself on a ceiling like a bat. Each of its eight legs allow them to stick to the ceiling, attached with a razor. The moment it leaps towards its prey, it could launch eight simultaneous strikes. Its ability are to kill its prey with a single blow to the head.


  • Eight-Edge Assassins are beings summoned from YGGDRASIL gold.
  • One of the Eight-Edge Assassins came to pay its personal respect to Ainz after he saved Carne Village.
  • A group of Eight-Edge Assassins, guarding Ainz Ooal Gown's chamber, played a part in rescuing Ainz from being raped by Albedo.
  • Originally, Eight-Edge Assassins are spawned as part of Nazarick's defenses, but since coming to the New World, it and others have become self-aware.
  • Each one is voiced by Shun'ichi Maki.


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