Dyno (ダイノ) is an arcane magic caster from Enri's Goblin Troop.

Appearance Edit

Dyno dresses in some form of exotic full-body tribal costume that managed to emphasize her meager bust. Her face seemed softer than those of the male goblins. In her hands was a staff that was even taller than herself, made of simple, gnarled wood.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

The Two Leaders Arc Edit

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

Abilities and Powers Edit

Dyno is a level 10 goblin mage.

Relationships Edit

Enri Emmot Edit

She was summoned along with the other goblin troops by Enri. Like all the summoned goblins, Dyno is fiercely loyal to her mistress.

Trivia Edit

  • Dyno is the only female goblin in the Goblin Troop.

Gallery Edit

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