Dragon Tusk (ドラゴン・タスク) is one of the five lizardmen tribe that resides in the Wetlands of the Great Lake.

Background Edit

Dragon Tusk Emblem

Dragon Tusk's Emblem

During the resource war that broke out among the tribes, two tribes remained neutral in the conflict; Red Eye and Dragon Tusk. After the war ended with Green Claw and its allies victory, the survivors of the defeated, Yellow Speckle and Sharp Edge, were later absorbed into Dragon Tusk. While all of the lizardmen tribes naturally see that the strongest and fittest survive, the tribesmen from Dragon Tusk see strength as everything. They are considered to be the most savage of the tribes, willing to use violence to solve any dispute if given the chance. However, they do have an appreciation for finer things other than battles, such as wine and feasting. The tribe communally possesses one of the Four Lizardmen Treasures, the Great Wine Pot, which serves as a never-ending supply of alcohol.

Chronology Edit

Lizard Man Heroes Arc Edit

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Zaryusu Shasha and Crusch Lulu approached the Dragon Tusk tribe to appeal to them an alliance against the Supreme One. Many in the tribe, survivors from Yellow Speckle and Sharp Edge, were hostile to Zaryusu, the bearer of Frost Pain due to his role in their tribes' downfall. Zenberu Gugu, the tribal chieftain agreed to join the alliance unless Zaryusu defeats him in combat. Zaryusu fought Zenberu, giving the chieftain a deserving battle, who then admitted defeat much to the shock of the tribe. The traveler earned Dragon Tusk's participation and the following night celebrated with a feast.

Strength Edit

As a tribe that favors battle as a sport, unsurprisingly, Dragon Tusk is mostly composed of warriors. Dragon Tusk thus can be regarded as the strongest tribe in terms of power. The exact composition of the tribe numbers is shown below:

  • 125 warriors
  • 2 druids
  • 10 hunters
  • 98 male lizardmen
  • 32 female lizardmen

Trivia Edit

  • Dragon Tusk is unique among the tribes, as it has a former traveler as chief.
  • In the Anime, Dragon Tusk's village is portrayed as more arboreal, composed of tree houses rather than huts.

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