Downfall of Castle and Country is a mind-controlling World Item.

Description Edit

Downfall of Castle and Country is a World Item that once belonged to the fabled Six Great Gods of the Slane Theocracy. After their passing, the artifact was later passed down to a different user of it throughout the ages. Currently, the ownership of this sacred treasure is left under Kaire's control. It was supposed to be used in controlling the Catastrophe Dragon Lord which the Black Scripture was tasked to do.

However, it was instead used in a botched-attempt to mind-control Shalltear Bloodfallen who they confronted to be very powerful. The magic of the World Item activated successfully, however, the user was killed which renders the mind-control incomplete. According to the Captain of the Black Scripture, although the dress was damaged in battle, it still happens to be usable.

Appearance Edit

The item resembles a qipao, a type of body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress. It has the color of silvery white, with the image of a five-clawed dragon soaring to the skies stitched in gold thread.

Abilities Edit

This dress allows the user to subjugate the mind of any creature, even those that completely possess racial immunity to mind-control beings like an undead. While an impressive artifact, it's mentioned by the Six Cardinals to have flaws, since the item is only able to charm one target at a time. In order to break free from the item's control, the brainwashed target must be killed and and later resurrected for one to turn back to normal. According to the Six Cardinals, it doesn't seem to work on the Platinum Dragon Lord, a user of Wild Magic.

Trivia Edit

  • In the English publication of the Light Novel, its name was translated as Ruinous Beauty.
  • Downfall of Castle and Country means a really beautiful woman who can make even a country to fall, like Helen in Trojan war. "Keiseikeikoku" in Japanese pronunciation.
  • It's unknown if the memory loss of Shalltear after her resurrection was supposed to be a side effect of the item or a part of the resurrection itself. In particular, the memories of its target, dating back to their encounter with the user were erased.