Death Cavalier
Monster Information
Japanese デス・キャバリエ
Romaji Desu Kyabarie
Type Undead
  • Heteromorphic Race
  • Undead Rider
Summoner Ainz Ooal Gown
Debut Information
Light Novel Overlord Volume 10

Death Cavalier (デス・キャバリエ) is an undead rider knight and one of Ainz's undead summoned monsters.

Appearance Edit

A black-armored knight which rides a red-eyed unicorn, whose body is jet black and sporting two horns on its head. One can imagine that the rider is not human. It emanates an aura of mortal danger, as radiant as the sun. Its full plate armor pulses as though it was alive.

Abilities Edit

Death Cavaliers are strong creatures. Though they have the ability to properly speak unlike most undead.

Trivia Edit

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