Dark Elves (ダークエルフ) are a close kin of the wood elves and can be found in the New World and YGGDRASIL.

Background Edit

While the wood elves dwell in the forest, their cousins, the dark elves preferred to make their homes in caves or underground.

Appearance Edit

Similar to wood elves, they possess all the beauty and grace inherent in the elven race, though dark elves possess darker skin complexion.

Culture Edit

The dark elves are a race that does not lean towards the notion of absolute good or evil. Unlike their cousins, which maintained a code of honor, they tended to be more flexible.

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Known Dark Elves Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the Web Novel, there is a nation of dark elves located at the southwest of the Re-Estize Kingdom.
  • A tribe of Dark Elves once lived in the Grea Forest of Tob but were driven out by the Evil Tree Zy'tl Q'ae.
  • In Norse Mythology, Dark Elves lived underground in huge caves and tunnels.

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