Cona (コナー) is the cleric of the Goblin Troop.

Appearance Edit

Cona is mostly seen wearing a animal skull over his head. He also wears a standard chain mail and is draped in a leather cloak.

Personality Edit

Cona appears to have a slight self-righteous personality, openly declaring his god wished him to marry Enri during a squabble at breakfast.

Background Edit

Enri Emmot used the Horn of the Goblin General to summon Cona and his brethren. Thanks to their help, they came to support her and Carne Village in rebuilding and protecting its inhabitants.

After the Goblin Troop's induction into Carne Village, Cona's power became a useful tool to the frontier village. The villagers had agreed that he should save up his power in case of emergency, should they find someone badly hurt.

Chronology Edit

The Two Leaders Arc Edit

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

During breakfast at the Emmot residence he argued with his brethern that he should marry Enri, since his god told him to. When Nfirea Bareare collapsed at the table due to sleep deprivation, Cona checked on his vitals to make sure he was okay. Cona later traveled with five members of the Goblin Troop to escort Enri to E-Rantel.

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc Edit

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Cona participated in the battle against the Crown Prince. He was among the survivors of the village along Jugem. He had exhausted most of his mana when defending Carne Village from the Crown Prince's knights.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Cona is a level 10 goblin cleric and priest. In combat, Cona wields a mace, but as a mage, he could heal minor wounds with ease. However, his healing spells were very limited and it lacked the ability to heal diseases or neutralize poisons.

Relationships Edit

Enri Emmot Edit

He was summoned along with the other goblin troops by Enri. Like all the summoned goblins, Cona is fiercely loyal to her mistress.

Trivia Edit

  • The god that Cona worships is noted to be an evil one.

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