Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers Edit

Cocytus is the weapon master of Nazarick - with his four arms, he is capable of expertly wielding any of his 21 different weapons. Being the Floor Guardian of the 5th Floor, he is an extremely powerful Guardian. He also holds some power over ice due to his Knight of Niflheim job class. In addition, he has an ability which allows him to perceive if someone has his attention focused on him.

While so, Cocytus' exoskeleton is also his armor, which could be strengthened with the increase of his level and the use of data crystal. At the same time, it possessed resistance against fire. The good thing about Cocytus' weaponized body is the convenience of not needing to replace the equipment should it be damaged as it would be repaired when his HP is restored. It wouldn’t drop upon death like normal equipment and it provides Cocytus with many benefits.

However, the drawback is also apparent. His exoskeleton's hardness, toughness and other stats are comparatively lower than player equipment of a similar level. It is almost impossible for a level 100 weaponized body like Cocytus' to reach the stats of divine level equipment.


  • Frost Breath
  • Ice Pillar
  • Kulika Blade (俱利伽羅劍): Mainly used in chain-combos after certain skills.
  • Piercing Icicle
  • Rakshasa
  • Razor Edge
  • Smite Frost Burn
  • Vidyārāja Strike (明王擊)
  • Acalanātha Strike (不動明王擊)
  • Yakshanarata

Passive Edit

  • Frost Aura: This aura makes Cocytus' surroundings extremely cold, dealing continuous ice damage and negative conditions to those in his vicinity. While he can suppress its effects and range, he is unable to completely deactivate this aura.

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Trivia Edit

  • According to the Overlord Blu-ray 1 Special - Emissary of the King: "Even among the Guardians of Nazarick, those three can be considered the top among the warrior classes. Cocytus has the advantage against Albedo, but not against Sebas. Sebas is strong against Cocytus, but not against Albedo. Albedo can probably win against Sebas, but not against Cocytus."

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