Cocco Doll (コッコドール) was the leader of the slave trafficking department of the criminal organization Eight Fingers.

Appearance Edit

A skinny man, with eyes filled with lust, like those of a snake trying to determine if the prey would fit inside his mouth.

Personality Edit

Cocco Doll is apparently a homosexual as he asked Succulent to capture Climb with lewd intentions.

He is also vindictive, wanting to behead Climb and send the head along with a bouquet of flowers to Princess Renner.

Background Edit

Ever since Princess Renner's success in outlawing slavery, Cocco Doll's slave trafficking has been in decline. This has forced his department to hide their presence deeper in the Re-Estize Kingdom's underground.

Chronology Edit

The Men in the Kingdom Arc Edit

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Cocco Doll along with the executives of Eight Fingers meet in an undisclosed location to discuss various issues affecting the organization. He requested Zero's security services, the Six Arms, to reinforce his already declining slave trafficking division. Later as when Sebas, Climb and Brain broke into the brothel, Cocco Doll and Succulent cross paths with one of the intruders at the secret exit of the brothel and he recognized that the intruder is Climb, the Golden Princess's personal bodyguard. He then persuades Succulent to capture him alive instead of taking his head, and use him as a leverage against the Golden Princess as well as his own personal pleasure.

After Succulent's defeat at the hands of Brain Unglaus, Cocco Doll was knocked out by Sebas Tian from the back. The two criminals were captured, and they were subsequently handed over to the authorities.

Abilities and Powers Edit

As one of the top executives of Eight Fingers, Cocco Doll has full authority to do as he pleases in the organization relating to slave trafficking.

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Trivia Edit

  • After Cocco Doll's arrest by the Kingdom's authorities, the remaining Executives did not see fit to replace him nor bail him out of jail due to other priorities.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Succulent): "Then at the very least, let's take his head. I'm going to send it to that bitch with some flowers."

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