Cash Items are items that players are able to buy using real money.

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Treasure-hunting is the core value in YGGDRASIL to encourage exploration and discovery. There are various items in YGGDRASIL that could be earned or bought using game currency. However, there are items, privileges, monsters, classes, etc. that cannot be received through normal gaming means. Cash items; marketed items sold out in the real world, that are part of the YGGDRASIL franchise.

Adherent YGGDRASIL players visited a well-known Cash Item Shop, Gachapon, to acquire various rare game articles to upgrade their avatars and gaming experience with special effects: 

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  • Sometimes, even rarer items could not be acquired through conventional means, but also through chance by the use of vending machine capsules.
  • According to Ainz, Shooting Star is worthy of being called the best Cash Item in the game.

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