Black Scripture Captain is the current leader and 1st Seat holder of the Black Scripture of the Slane Theocracy.


The Captain has the androgynous features of a young man with long black hair and sharp red eyes. He wears an ornate armor and uses a humble-looking spear. According to himself, he wears a mask that alters his face in which was younger than the early 20s.


The Captain is noted to be a very dutiful man and fulfilled his tasks accordingly. He takes his position seriously as the leader of the Black Scripture and can not afford to slack off on the job. However, the Captain was a bit optimistic of being able to finally establish enough free time after all the work he had done.


While the Captain is a high ranking member of the nation's secret organization, it appears he lives a double life. He is in the process of attending match-making sessions to choose a bride accordingly. This was an order by the high officials requesting him to helpfully produced more potential Godkins for the future of their country.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

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When encountering Shalltear, he commanded Kaire to use the World Item, Downfall of Castle and Country on her. As Shalltear tried to kill Kaire, he stood in the vampire's way and block her attack, but only to be knocked back by the latter. Among the casualties during their group's failed attempt to capture the vampire, two of its members got killed alongside Kaire who received a critical injury in battle. Later, he ordered his members to retreat and leave it alone.

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

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After the meeting of the Cardinals, he sees Zesshi Zetsumei playing with a Rubik's Cube and he talked about recent events including the mysterious disappearance of Crown of Wisdom and a powerful undead that the Black Scripture encountered. He also tells her that she is stronger than the undead which makes her instantly lose interest and she returns back to playing with the Rubik Cube. However, this leaves him worrying about her loyalty instead.

Abilities and Powers

As Captain of the Black Scripture, he possesses many duties which include reviving dead members, choosing temporary staff to fill the gap, training, and experiments. He is one of the two strongest members of the Black Scripture alongside Extra Seat, who happens to be the most powerful of them all.

Being the Captain of the Black Scripture, he seems to possess with his leadership over the members of their group and issuing certain commands. This was demonstrated when he keenly gauges how powerful the unknown vampire standing before him then ordering his subordinate, Kaire to use the World Item, Downfall of Castle and Country on her. Moreover, he is equipped with a type of spear which seemed incongruous with the rest of his equipment.

Although Shalltear Bloodfallen had no levels in dedicated warrior classes, she still measures him to be stronger than Solution Epsilon, one of the Pleiades. A testament to his willpower was that he is capable of resisting a strike from Shalltear, who had all the intention of killing him, while his fighting spirit remains intact. According to Clementine, it was stated that Ainz's superhuman physical abilities (without the use of a 'Perfect Warrior' spell) were second only to the Captain's.

According to Raymond, a former 3rd Seat of the Black Scripture, he believes that the Captain of the Black Scripture is one of the two God-kins who should be able to deal with an army of Death Knights and Soul Eaters.


Zesshi Zetsumei

The Captain of Black Scripture is one of the few people who know about Zesshi Zetsumei because only a small number of people are allowed to enter the place she is. He avoids looking at her ears because she doesn't like it. Additionally, the Captain is willing to relay information about the Cardinals' conference and the results of Black Scripture's operation to her openly.   

Based on their conversation, it seems the two know about each other for quite a while as this wasn't the first meeting they had together. For instance, he takes notice of the fact that despite her age, Zesshi's current appearance remains unchanged since his first time meeting her. On the other hand, she is apparently aware of his situation concerning things like his marriage to an unknown spouse.   

When Zesshi asked him who was stronger between her and the vampire, he answered that she was stronger. In truth, he felt the vampire was stronger than her, but still thought that with her godly equipment, Zesshi would be able to beat the unarmed vampire. This could attribute to the idea that he views Zesshi Zetsumei as the strongest member of the Black Scripture and the guardian of mankind.  


  • He is adept at solving a Rubik's Cube.
  • It was mentioned that despite being 1st Seat and Captain of the Black Scripture, he is actually the second strongest after Extra Seat.


  • (To the Six Cardinals): "Kaire-sama attacked with Downfall of Castle and Country, but she was injured before the mind control was complete. There were two casualties and severe injury, so we retreated."
  • (To Himself): "I was hoping that they would give me some time to relax today."
  • (To Zesshi): "...They fought a mysterious undead and retreated after two deaths and one heavily wounded."
  • (To Zesshi about who got killed): "The bodyguard of Kaire-sama, Cedran, and Beaumarchais who attempted to capture the vampire while it appeared to be still."
  • (To Zesshi): "It's Kaire-sama. Some curse seemed to prevent healing magic from mending her wounds, so she retreated."



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