Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers

CZ is specialized in ranged combat. She has a fairly strong physical attack power while the value of her other characteristics, especially physical defense, is quite low. CZ has the lowest level among the Pleiades. Her character settings were set to be familiar with Nazarick's unlocking mechanisms.



Main Equipment

  • Magic Gun: Shizu possesses an arsenal of powerful science-fiction type guns at her disposal as a part of her Gunner class.
  • Shizu's Scarf: A legendary-class item that allows Shizu to use several specialized stealth and ambush-type spells.
  • Perfume Bottle: It is an item that allows Shizu to use the 1st-tier spell 'Odorless' in order to hide her scent.


  • After the large-scale update called "Valkyrie's Downfall," her race, gunner class, and weapon were added into the game.


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