Bona Ingre (ボナ・イングレ) was one of the guard captains of the Royal Capital of Re-Estize Kingdom.

Appearance Edit

Bona was described as an old guardsman and nothing noteworthy among the soldiers in the Royal Capital.

Personality Edit

Bona was noted to be a coward and held very little loyalty to his nation. The only reason why he served as the city guard was to escape the conscription for the annual war with the Empire.

Background Edit

Bona Ingre served in the militia guarding the Royal Capital of Re-Estize Kingdom until his forty's. While possessing the rank of captain of a unit of guards in the Royal Capital may seem to be a prestigious title, in actuality, Bona only managed to acquire his rank due to his seniority and the lack of candidates for the position.

Chronology Edit

The Men in the Kingdom Arc Edit

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom Arc

During the demonic disturbance, Bona led a company of soldiers on manning the barricade. Despite the assistance of the adventurers, Bona spat on their generosity, belittling them amongst his men. When a pack of Hellhounds came to intercept the guards, Bona attempted to flee, but was caught by a Devourer and was swallowed whole.

Abilities Edit

Bona was in command of a unit of forty-five guardsmen. Even though he served nearly half his life as a guardsman, he was admittedly weaker than the younger guards.

Trivia Edit

  • During the demonic disturbance, Bona was planning to quit his job after he made it through alive.

Quotes Edit

  • (To his Guardsmen): "It's okay. The demons haven't pursued the adventurers. The enemy hasn't chosen to attack, they're just making a strong defense. No problems. They won't attack."
  • (To his Guardsmen): "I'm going to quit my job as a guard if I make it through this in one piece."
  • (To his Guardsmen): "They're paid more than us to do the same job! They should fight harder! Until they die! Our lives are at risk too! Those guys shouldn't be running off and leaving it all to us!"

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