Bell of Open Lock is a magic item that can open locked doors.

Description Edit

An enchanted bell that is part of a three item bell set.

Appearance Edit

A cube shaped hand bell that possesses distinct markings carved on its surface. Upon closer inspection, it has red designs etched upon its bronze surface.

Abilities Edit

Bell of Open Lock can magically open locked doors. When used, the bell will cause the lock to glow a faint red if not purple light, indicating that the lock's mechanism has been disabled.

This is especially useful when a mechanism is used to keep the door locked as it will instantly unlock with its magic effect. However, this range of effects only works on normal locks. Magically fortified doors are more likely to deny its influence.

Trivia Edit

  • Gagaran possesses a number of magical items such as these, and gave a set to Climb, who used it during a raid on one of the brothels owned by the Eight Fingers.