Bell of Detect Secret Doors is a magic bell that detects hidden passageways and doors.

Description Edit

For those without the skills of a thief or lacking the proper equipment to locate unseen gateways, this item is used in substitution.

Appearance Edit

Resembles a handbell, with a smooth, round shape and distinct marks carved into its surface. Upon closer inspection, it has blue designs etched upon its bronze surface.

Abilities Edit

When near the presence of a hidden door, a refreshing tone will cause the bell to ring out. This chime can only be heard by the user. After signalling the user, the bell will cause a pale blue light to gather, indicating the location of the secret door.

Trivia Edit

  • Gagaran possesses a number of magical items such as these, and gave one to Climb, who used it during a raid on a brothel owned by Eight Fingers.

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