Azuth Aindra
Personal Information
Japanese アズス・アインドラ
Romaji Azusu Aindora
Gender Male
Family Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra (Niece)
Residence Re-Estize Kingdom
Media Information
Light Novel Overlord Volume 5

Azuth Aindra (アズス・アインドラ) is an adamantite ranked adventurer and a member of Red Drop. He is also a noble and the uncle of Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

The Men in the Kingdom Arc Edit

Azuth is mentioned when Gazef asks Climb which Aindra is meeting with Princess Renner.

Abilities and Powers Edit

As an adamantite ranked adventurer, Azuth is considered to be at the pinnacle of humanity.

Relationships Edit

Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra Edit

Lakyus is Azuth's niece.

Gazef Stronoff Edit

It seems that Azuth and Gazef are on bad terms.

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Gallery Edit

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