Azerlisia Mountains
Azerlisia Mountains
Location Information
Japanese アゼルリシア山脈
Romaji Azerurishia Sanmyaku
Type Mountain Range
Located In Between Kingdom & Empire
Controlled By Azerlisia Inhabitants
Status Active
Light Novel Overlord Volume 1
Anime Overlord Episode 7

Azerlisia Mountains (アゼルリシア山脈) are a range of mountains that act as the natural border that separates the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Baharuth Empire.

Background Edit

The mountain range lies between the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Baharuth Empire. At the southern tip lies the Great Forest of Tob. Within its earthern halls, lies the Dwarf Kingdom. While so, the Frost Giants and the Frost Dragons were the apex predators of this mountain range. Therefore, they had struggled for a long time to determine who was the top dog.

Chronology Edit

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc Edit

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Inhabitants Edit

The Mountains, specifically the underground caverns are the homeland of the Dwarves who reside in the Dwarf Kingdom that is located deep within earth of the mountain range. In addition to them, it is also home to a variety of creatures including:

Trivia Edit

  • A myconid settlement also exists underground in these mountains.

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