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Overlord and Comparing Fight Structure By Pause and Select

I like analyses… That’s why I tried to find analysis on the internet…

I am not a reddit user so I try to find Overlord analysis on Youtube. There is only one video analyzing… But it is a good one!

It is a video by Pause and Select and it is an astounding one:

Scroll down to read a comment by FlyingEagle for more discussion but since there were just 19 comments when I found it… I want to see what the people on the wiki could say about it.

Of cause the video is 1 year old but… Maybe there are more people like me who found this out late? So this is for people who did not saw this video.

Please tell me if this is not what I should do with the forums.

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Just watched another video you recommended and I have to say it was a nicely done analysis. The comment thread was also very civil and reflective of certain things I was mulling about the anime but didn't have the words and expertise to properly analyze.

I find that Overlord realy has been quite an entertaining fantasy universe and the work done on the anime, despite all the small cuts made in the story, was directed and produced quite well in said medium.

Thinking back to Ainz's battles as depicted in the anime, the video was spot-on in its analysis and since most of us on this site are LN readers as well, we are also privy to the thoughts of the characters during combat. The depth of each noted fight in the first season all stood as a test where Ainz could prove and disprove certain theories and speculations he had. From testing his magic, to gaining experience in close-quarters melee combat, to application of mixed combat styles and tactics in order to defeat an adversary holding a firm advantage over him.

Now I'm more interested in how the studio's gonna go about and present to us (fans) the fights and conflicts in the next season. 

Many might hate Climb for being the stereotypical shonen trope but it would be a refreshing thing to see the Lizardman battles, Sebas in action, and the badassery that Momon is going to pull-off.

Well, that's all I could say for now and thanks again to DumplingIsNice for introducing this video and opening this discussion on this fansite.

Many may favorite the original medium (LN) but it's techniques like these in a different medium that really shows the effort of not only Maruyama but also the animators that retold his story.

As a medium, LN includes more information, and more introspections of the characters that only words has the luxurious time to explain. The anime must discard some of those aspects that made the LN interesting due to the tight schedule and cost limit of a animated video. But it also opened up a unthinkable field of techniques that can only be done with 'moving images' (The manga is great too. I don't read it, but I'll just mention it out of respect.)

In the video's example, I bet that if the positioning of the characters were stated in the LN, the reader would just forget it in the span of the long volumes with zero effect. Vice versa, having the character explain their thoughts EVERY FEW SENTENCES/MOVES may just be a waste of frames in a video. (Note I said frames, not time.)

Let the action do the talking they say.


The ever evolving methods for a author to express their idea is endless. From words to images, from images to moving images.

They say a image is worth a thousand words already.

That must mean a video is worth a million words.

No wonder a whole 13 episodes season of anime can cover three whole volumes of cold hard text. 0.o (Still kinda expect them to not miss out the chuck of story about Nigredo. Even if it is not that important.)

It is my pleasure to share contents as such with people like you Mr. CrimsonWardon. Since I was afraid that people like you have already watched contents as such and I was just a latecomer. Now I shall wait patiently for the badassery of season two and hope by that point; I will produce my own original analysis instead of just recommending other's videos as a bridge for discussions. (Not likely to happen)

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